About Us

Simply Effective

KIS Outfitters is a Utah-based, licensed & insured company focused on the thrill and fun of the hunt. Decades of experience and a network of guides and spotters give our hunters more than a great hunt, it’s an experience they will remember forever. KIS stands for Keep It Simple allowing for a more enjoyable atmosphere and hunts.

Several of our hunts are filmed making it so you can also share your experience. We can offer RV camp-style lodging with generators and high-speed satellite internet allowing communication and convenience anywhere. 

Not sure where to start, we can help with the application process and planning for free. Contact us today to get the process started.

Kirt Forakis 

Founder/Owner & Guide

Meet licensed outfitter Kirt from small town Heber Utah. Mountain living led to countless days spent outdoors where Kirt developed his love for offroading, hunting, and fishing in the wild. Hunting all kinds of wildlife within miles of home is considered one of his luckiest life gifts next to his family. High mountain summers to red rock exploring down South for winters have been and still are a second home. Kirt has seen success all across the state for himself and others taking big game, small game and he’s always up for little yote hunt any time of year. Kirt has Starlink satellite internet helping family and groups stay connected and comfortable allowing for more quality camping/hunting experiences.

Entrepreneur and adventurer, Kirt lives his passions personally and professionally. Kirt is the founder of not only KIS Outfitters, but KIS Properties, Marketing KIS, and co/founder of Flat Rate Doctors all operating in Utah. Kirt’s first business was founded while earning his degree and playing college hockey with UVU and returned to help as GM to the hockey team until recently. Decades of experience and risk management have led to a well-rounded and simplistic focused mindset. Kirt is always furthering his education from what he calls YouTube University. “I love learning and can always find something that is both educational and entertaining on YouTube University.” Kirt will often say “Adventures can’t be had sitting on your couch or wallowing away in fear! Get out of your comfort zone, work hard, and trust God and you’ll be amazed looking back at your life.”

Izic Zabriskie

Licensed Guide

Meet Izic from Wasatch Utah. Hunting has been his passion since his youth and has only grown stronger into adulthood. Izic is and has been involved with outfitters and hunting over several states across the West including backpacking into the high country to trekking the low desert. Being adaptive and looking for ways to learn is a philosophy that Izic lives by that provides great experiences both personally and professionally.

Connecting with people and the thrill shared while chasing game in the wilderness is a large part of what excites Izic to rise early. Being successful is always the goal and climax of the hunt, but Izic strives to ensure a joyful and educational hunt along the way. Izic stands with God and his family which means the most to him. Elk is his favorite wild meat. “Hunting isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it!”

Trent Forakis 


Meet spotter Trent from small town Heber Utah. Growing up with Kirt, mountain living led to countless days spent outdoors developing the love for off-roading, hunting, and fishing in the wild. Trent lives for the high mountain adventures and is most often exploring the wilderness in his truck, mountain bike, ATV, snowmobile and plenty of miles on his feet. Living at the mouth of American Fork canyon, Trent has easy and fast access to world class hunting/fishing just minutes away.